Micro Transactions, Is this what gamers really want??? I don;t think so..

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Micro Transactions, Is this what gamers really want??? I don;t think so.. - Thursday, March 14, 2013 4:00 AM ( #1 )
So it looks like Micro Transactions are here for the foreseeable future...

last week EA announced that Micro Transactions is what consumers are wanting...

Quote from EAs CFO Blake Jorgensen “Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business.”  Now I know that EA has come out after a week of bad press and outcry they have restated that not all their games will have micro transactions.  He said this... “All of our mobile games will have microtransactions in them, because almost all of our mobile games are going to a world where its play-for-free.”

That being said.. Deep Space 3 was not a mobile game but the test bed for if Micro transactions is in fact a viable option for them.

So it really looks like the first statement is true... I think it is more true than the later statement for sure..  HE says that it was the press and news sites that said all games... but in fact it was his words... at the conference...

So  now yesterday Activsion has now said they will be putting in Micro transactions in to COD series..  No they are both saying it will not effect their games...

but it does... look at Battlefield series...  not long after launch you can pick up the game and unlock everything... all the weapons on day one...  it will cost you though...  No more working to unlock these awards...  one of the main points to gaming are the awards... you earn while playing...

Just think of this slipper slope...

Just think of the money trail people...

You will pay you ISP to be online

Than you will pay if MS system Live to play MP games

Than you have to pay for the game

than DLC that is on the disk itself can only be unlocked by a code key and your money

than there will be DLC that you ca download when you pay

now you will have items that are on disk or downloadable but in the form of Micro Transactions stuff that would have made the game in the first place... mind you...

99cent for a skin? 50 cents for radical what price are you willing to pay...

Now they say this is all optional and is only ascetics but it is not true...

Battlefield is already changing the land scape with unlock all equipment and guns... mind you have to do it by classes as well it is not all the classes it is 5 bucks or so for each class...  Imagine..

well think on this...  Where will it go.  how far are we the consumer willing to take this.  Will one day you get a shell of a game and have to pay to play or pay to win... I think we will...  I think they will take this too the point where you can see better or extended endings to a game. for a small fee of course.
Better equipment for a small fee, Better guns and exclusive items...  Is just a year or two way...

Free to play is not Free... it is simple Pay to win... that is all it is...  PAY to Win....

Is that what gamers really want. Are you willing to play a Pay to win game or even support a company that will push this on to us... and it will be pushed...

Episodic gaming is here.. it is nothing but buying a game level by level...  we going to allow them to take us down this road..

If this happens we will be charged every step of the way in gaming..

by level by items by ending by guns by rank by maps and mp and by time....   Oh yes... time..... it will be a subscription fee at some point..  

So how much it too much...

How much are you willing to pay to play, pay to win???  maybe you can afford it but what if your friends or other family can't....

What happens when it reaches the point when you with the money can't pay it any more but other can...

Will you still be content to play with a game that is nothing but the shell...

What about ads in games... how do you feel about that... because it is in the works as the next big revenue stream for game companies oh yes...

free to play but you have to watch an ad every 15 to 30 minutes... than it will move from free to play to our main titles for the systems...

I don;t know about you other gamers... but I will not be a sheep for these guys... I will not funnel dollar after dollar to them..
There are options for gaming...

Retro gaming for sure..  there are hundreds of titles out there that I would love to try..

so there are options... even dropping gaming as entertainment.. 

what do you think? where do you stand?

EA CEO John Riccitiello On Gaming Microtransactions 

You have to listen to this video...   Just amazing where they want to take this thing...


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Re:Micro Transactions, Is this what gamers really want??? I don;t think so.. - Friday, March 15, 2013 1:01 AM ( #2 )
Is no one else worried about Micro Transactions???

Are Most people okay with them???

I don;t know I thought others would be worried about it too... 

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Re:Micro Transactions, Is this what gamers really want??? I don;t think so.. - Friday, March 15, 2013 1:05 AM ( #3 )

I agree that micro-transactions ideally should stay in mobile markets only, but I can also see how it's become tough coping with $40million development cycles. 

I can see a market for micro-transactions in gaming, but it needs to be tightly controlled. I dont mind having people pay for perk unlocks / gun unlocks early. This helps the devs/publisher, i'm fine with it. 

The fact that someone paid to get the unlocks faster/earlier, shouldn't belittle your sense of achievement/fun. 

Micro-transactions can go wrong if they pursue "exclusive" guns, ala P2W. 

Skins for chars, guns, etc and clohtes etc. are fine. They are easy money and it doesn't hurt your game. 

I think they work fine in single player games, people find some games hard and would literally pay a buck or two for better items.. instead of them resorting to cheating or getting a friend to do it. They can just pay the publisher. 

I'm not saying it's a Godsend, I think it CAN work. It just depends on how well it's implemented. There is money to be had here, and if this keeps our games costs down, I think I'd be up for it.
They just need to avoid pushing these micro-transactions into my face, as well as avoiding locking out content. 


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Re:Micro Transactions, Is this what gamers really want??? I don;t think so.. - Friday, March 15, 2013 1:42 AM ( #4 )
If it could be controlled to the point where it is just ascetics.. it may work but I think they are wanting to take it much further than that...

and I mean look they are making record profits... the publishers...   the developers I like gas stations...   the oil companies get the money the gas station guy is living pay check to pay check...  

I mean... how can they complain on development costs when they are making more money now then they ever had...

I think it is just this...

a money grab...   if we can get a nickel for this gun or skin as a micro transaction instead of just putting i in like planned than hey we can make money...

Like DLC a lot of gamers have a problem with it... I see more as Expansion packs like they do for PC... that was huge in the 90s for PC

my problem is when they have the DLC on the disk..  it has shipped day one... it gives to a question of... was that originally in the game but than set a side to make a quick buck???

Most times I have been waiting on games to lower or come with DLC what not...

But going into this Next gen I know for sure that the majority of my games will be bought at a 40 dollar price point and games similar to fallout and elder scrolls... I am not going to be getting day one... I will wait for the collectors edition a year or so later when they are packed with the DLC...

I just can't afford it any more... day one games are too much... 

after the first six months what not... it is going t be a wait till the games go one sale or down...

I hope you are right Skv that it is not shoved down our throats but offered as a controlled extra item...  and not the rain cloud I see it as...

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