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Next Gen - Rumors-Predictions-Personal Game Plan-Facts and Fictions.. - Tuesday, November 27, 2012 11:09 AM ( #1 )
Next Gen is on its way people... let us know what rumors or facts or whispers you have heard... any prediction you are thinking of? Share them and we will see if they are true in time...

Got a game plan for this generation??? Will it be One CONSOLE to Rule them ALL, or 2 Consoles to give you options, or will it All three... and take the cream of the crop of  games... able to pick the best from each system... All access pass it 1st party console games...

The other thing I think would be kool is NAME the systems... What if you were in charge at Nintendo MS and Sony what would be the code name for your next gen systems and what would you name the system when it came to market??

So let us know drop a post or two or three.... 

The Consoles 

Nintendo's WiiU - Microsoft's Nextbox (720) - Sony's Ps4

I will post what ever rumors I can find that... I think has at least a little traction...and I hope you will as well...


Nintendo's WiiU

Specs (Source IGN)
Here's a look at that spartan motherboard, with its tiny CPU and less tiny graphics processing unit

Internal flash memory: 8GB(7.2GB usable) - $299 for Basic Set, 32GB (25GB usable) - $349 Deluxe Set.
Expandable memory via external USB hard drive and SDHC memory cards.    Note the SDHC are only for Wii memory and wii shop games.
IBM Power®-based multi-core microprocessor
  • IBM has revealed it to be a 45nm chip, with embedded DRAM. Additionally, the CPU is based on the same chip that is used in the Watson supercomputer, implying it is a Power7 model. (Source: Kotaku)
Previously rumored to be roughly 50% more powerful than PS3. (Source: IGN) Recent reports of actual hardware however suggest it to be much greater, putting it around 20% less powerful than the next gen Xbox (which is rumored to be at least 6 times more powerful than current gen consoles). Again, all rumors however, so please don't get too obsessed with power.
AMD Radeon-based High Definition GPU
  • Anandtek's teardown has revealed that the size of the GPU is close to that of the RV740 GPU. The RV740 is actually a HD 4770, which is different from the rumours that suggested an ATI HD 4800 series GPU or HD 6700 series GPU. The Xbox 360 has a HD 4650 equivelant GPU. However, this may be false as the GPU was probably very heavily modified to fit the standards of the Wii U console size.
  • Reports from 2011 suggest it is based on the RV770 architecture, unlike previous reports which merely pointed to the general R700 series and supports DirectX 10.1
  • This chip is used in ATi's Radeon HD 4800 series cards 
  • "Eyefinity-like multi-display tech for up to four SD video streams"
  • According rumors about details leaked by a Ubisoft employee just before E3 2012, the console uses an AMD Radeon HD 6770 and supports DirectX 11 
  • Note that none of this is official from Nintendo
  • Sources: Engadget, GameWatch[1]
The Wii U has 2GB of RAM.  1GB of RAM is allocated to system functions. Examples of system functions include TVii and Mii-verse.  The other 1GB is allocated for games. 
  • RAM is provided by Samsung 

Cost 299.99 for the Basic and 349.99 for the Deluxe

[style="font-weight: normal;"]Wii U OS Overview   

WiiU News

The Wii U’s Power Problem source Kotaku

Nintendo's next console, the Wii U, will run into the same problem its predecessors did. Namely, it will be unable to run popular video games designed for other major gaming consoles by its second or third year of existence, according to people familiar with the capabilities of the late-2012 console.

"After the next generation of machines comes out, Wii U will be a performance orphan," one industry insider who is familiar with the specs of the new Nintendo console, told Kotaku. "It will be closer in performance to the next iPad than the next-gen machines."

Those "next generation" machines are the PlayStation 4 and the successor to the Xbox 360, devices currently codenamed Orbis and Durango, both expected for release as soon as the end of 2013.

The situation Kotaku industry sources foresee, will be a repeat of the Wii's worst problems in the current generation of consoles. Nintendo's Wii U, they note, does at least have enough muscle to disguise its shortcomings for a year or so.

Read the rest of this huge article here.



What will be Nintendo's Game plan for E3 2013??? They have there next gen console on the market before MS and Sony, While those two are showing off Hardware Nintendo needs to be showing games games games games and games...

Can lighting strike twice for Nintendo...  The Wii was a hit but and nintendo sold a lot of them and each one they sold they made money right from day one... It looks like they are going as close to that plan again.  With off the shelf aging parts Nintendo will make a profit by selling one system and one game... will a AMD 4000 Card stack up against what MS and Sony are doing... or can clean graphics and fun games in their strong 1st party line up make gamers buy a Nintendo wii U??

Microsoft's Nextbox (720)

News 720
Xbox 720 release date, news and rumors : Source TechRadar 
While gossip surrounding Microsoft's next Xbox console has been churning around inside the rumour mill for a good few years now, there's no doubt that we're getting closer to learning some cold, hard facts.
We fully expect the Xbox 720 - if it is indeed to be called that – to launch in time for Christmas 2013. And with the increasing frequency of new rumours, reports and leaks, an official reveal from Microsoft cannot be too far away.
So what can we expect from the Xbox 720 when it is finally revealed by Microsoft, and when will it finally hit the shelves?
We've pulled all the rumours together in this video, which we strongly suggest you take a look at:

Read the rest of this article here


Two next-gen Xbox models to be revealed in 2013? Source Eggplante With Nintendo’s Wii U now on store shelves (assuming you can actually find one), a lot of talk is moving towards the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The latest rumour suggests we’ll be seeing two versions of Microsoft’s next console (reportedly to be known simply as Xbox) revealed some time in 2013.

We’re not talking Deluxe and Basic or Premium and Core, we’re actually talking about two completely different consoles. The first console is reported to be the console we’ve been waiting for: next-generation graphics coupled with Kinect 2.0 and improved audio, alongside Halo 5, if all goes well. The other console, however, is said to aim squarely at the causal gaming market and be designed as a set-top box that also happens to play games.

The latter console would fit right in alongside products like the Boxee Box, allowing users to stream content from services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, and of course, the Xbox Video Store. Bing Search would also be built-in if we had to guess, as well as access to Xbox LIVE Arcade titles from the 360 and next Xbox.

Read the rest here. 

   Next-Gen Xbox | Leaked Specs and Details! 



Xbox 720: Every Rumour So Far David Lynch

Next-gen Xbox, the Xbox 720 or whatever you want to call it, Microsoft's next Xbox could be many things, but just which of the rumours can we really believe? Source Now Gamer Nov 26th 2012 Published on Nov 26, 2012
The next generation of consoles are nearly here. Well, technically, with the launch of Nintendo's Wii U they're already here, but with Microsoft and Sony remaining silent on what's in store for the next Xbox and Playstation we've had to rely on the many rumours to fuel the speculation.
With this in mind we've gathered together the most impressive rumours the internet has to offer to find out if we can at least get a glimpse at the future of gaming and the Xbox 720...

For The Next-Gen Multimedia Is 'More Important Than Games’

Rumour: Next-gen games will be important, but the next Xbox will sell to the masses on the strength of its multimedia, movies and TV capabilities. (Source: NowGamer)

You could say that the Xbox 360 is already a multimedia device that’s been placing increasing importance on its features that don’t centre on playing games – movie, music and TV – but this could be even more important for next Xbox. Jesse Divnich, an industry analyst from EEDAR, certainly seems to think so and believes these features could be so important for the next-gen that it will even surpass triple-A games as the driving factor behind console ownership.

   Full article here

Xbox 720 for holiday 2013 - Report
Sources say Microsoft will release next Xbox in time for next year's holiday season, but hasn't decided when to announce it.

 Sources reportedly with knowledge of the matter have told Bloomberg that Microsoft will release its Xbox 720 in time for the holiday 2013 shopping season. This is far from the first time such a release window has been predicted, but Bloomberg has a track record of accuracy.

Additionally, the sources said Microsoft has not yet decided when to announce its Xbox 360 successor. The company is reportedly mulling an announcement at an industry event like the Electronic Entertainment Expo or a separate event where the new machine would have all of the spotlight.
A Microsoft representative was not immediately available to comment.
Microsoft's next Xbox may not be just one device, but rather a two-SKU platform. A report from last week suggested Microsoft, in addition to a full-fledged Xbox 720, is also planning an Xbox-branded set-top device. This device will reportedly be a "low-cost" alternative to the full machine and will play casual games.   


Microsoft May Opt Against Blu-ray Movie Playback With Xbox Next


Boston (TheNextXbox) – The successor to the Xbox 360 is right around the corner, as the Major Nelson countdown has the entire gaming world on alert. One thing that is almost a given with the successor to the Xbox 360, for the sake of this article we will call it the Xbox Next, is that it will include a Blu-ray optical drive. This is due to the fact that next-generation games are going to require a lot more space than is currently available on a DVD. This type of optical format has been utilized by Sony throughout the life of the PlayStation 3 and will continue forward to the upcoming PlayStation 4 in all likelihood as well. What many gamers are missing though, is that there is a real chance that Microsoft may opt against allowing Blu-ray movie playback on the Xbox Next.
Microsoft has already set a precedent in the past in terms of not allowing movie playback out of the box with its gaming consoles. When Microsoft launched the original Xbox, gamers were not able to play DVD movies right out of the box. Instead, Microsoft required gamers to purchase a little DVD playback adapter that came with a remote control. This activated the ability that the system already had to play DVD movies. Microsoft received a lot of flack for this move, and did away with the idea with the Xbox 360, allowing DVD movie playback right out of the box.
There have been a lot of changes though since the original Xbox and even the Xbox 360 launched. This is all due to the fact that Microsoft has a cash cow that they are relying on heavily in the form of Xbox Live, and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. So how does this relate to Blu-ray movie playback and why should you care?
The fact of the matter is that Microsoft earns a lot of money off of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, which provide gamers with a great deal of content in the form of streaming movies, television shows, and more. This comes from providers including Netflix, Hulu, and others.
Simply stated, Microsoft would much rather you pay for Xbox Live Gold and subscribe to streaming content over Netflix and Hulu than have you throw a Blu-ray movie into your console and watch it from the optical disc format.
Xbox Live Gold subscriptions generate roughly $1 billion in revenue for Microsoft every year, and the more that they can grow this service, the more profitable their gaming unit is going to be overall.
There is a double-edged sword here with this potential move from Microsoft. First, Microsoft would be sticking it to Sony, and second, they would be making a move to increase their own revenue. Looking back in history, Microsoft backed the HD-DVD format while Sony has Blu-ray. We all saw how HD-DVD fared as it no longer exists. Blu-ray is and has been considered a Sony format. Microsoft not allowing Blu-ray movie playback would be a shot to Sony, as it would take away from the viability of the format, and it would also require gamers to stream more content over their console, thus increasing the money Microsoft gets to pocket.
This may sound crazy, but it is not out of the realm of possibility for Microsoft to take this bold move, even if they tick some gamers off in the process.



Videos 720

Published September 6th 2012

Published on Oct 2, 2012

Published Nov 26, 2012
Report: Two Versions of the Next Xbox

Xbox 720 Reportedly Coming Holiday 2013 Reveal could come at dedicated event separate from E3.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release its next console in time for the 2013 holiday season. According to a new rumor from Bloomberg, people “familiar with the company’s plans” say the new system is aiming to take advantage of Thanksgiving and Christmas sales, though the sources chose to remain anonymous “because the product road map is confidential.”
Microsoft is said to still be deciding when the console will be revealed, currently weighing a reveal at E3 against a separate, dedicated event like the announcement of the Xbox 360 in 2005.
Bloomberg’s report seemingly confirms earlier rumors about the next Xbox’s release timing, including word from developers that the next generation will begin in 2013 and multiple rumors suggesting Microsoft is aiming for the end of next year.

While nothing is set in stone, a late 2013 launch is feasible considering Xbox 720 development kits are already in the wild and Microsoft is reportedly beefing up security to prepare. Recent rumors suggest Microsoft could even be prepping two versions of its next console.
We’ve reached out to Microsoft about the rumor, but it typically doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation so we aren’t expecting to hear much. While details on the next Xbox are thin, find out what we know so far in our analysis of one of Microsoft’s recent patents as well as Microsoft’s plans for an immersive display experience.


Sony's PS4

PS4 News

Is the Sony PlayStation 4 destined for a Christmas 2013 release date? Source Tech Radar 
Sony is yet to confirm the existence of the PS4 games console, but it exists out there somewhere.
The real questions are; when will the PS4 hit the shelves? What sort of hardware will it pack? And will it even be called the PlayStation 4?
here have been rumours doing the rounds suggesting that Sony is calling the PS4 'Orbis'. This comes from a source speaking to Kotaku "who is not authorised to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information" with them before.

Assuming the Orbis name is in some way accurate, it's still unclear whether the name is a codename like Durango or whether the console will literally be called the Sony PlayStation Orbis instead of the Sony PS4.

The name does make some kind of sense if you combine it with the word 'Vitae' (or Vita). Orbis Vitae translates from Latin as 'circle of life' and hints at some serious synergy between the PS4 and the PS Vita.

It could be a red herring, of course, but with the Vita already communicating fairly competently with the PS3, it seems highly likely that this will be the case. So what can we expect from the PlayStation 4?

PS4: Graphics and CPU power

The same source who revealed the PlayStation Orbis name to Kotaku also mentioned that the PS4 was penciled in as packing an AMD x64 CPU and 28nm AMD Southern Islands graphics power.

Read more of this article here


Sony PS4 to be released before Xbox 720? Source TechRadar Sony hoping to flip reverse the next-gen console trend  
Sony is looking to trump Microsoft in the next-gen console race and release the PlayStation 4 before the Xbox 720.
This is according to an unnamed source speaking to VG247 about the future of the console market.
When it came to the PS3 and the Xbox 360, Sony faced numerous delays in releasing its console and this meant that it came to market pretty much a full year after Microsoft. While everything is all shiny and lovely for Sony now in the gaming market, this delay proved expensive – as did the fact it packed so much tech into the PS3, the console was a loss maker for many years.
That was when Sony was flush, though; now the company is a little more conservative in its tech ambitions and this could well mean that it will come to market faster than the Xbox 720.

Read the rest here 

PS4 release date, news and rumours Source the Drippler

Sony is yet to confirm the existence of the PS4 games console, but it exists out there somewhere.
The real questions are; when will the PS4 hit the shelves? What sort of hardware will it pack? And will it even be called the PlayStation 4?
There have been rumours doing the rounds suggesting that Sony is calling the PS4 'Orbis'. This comes from a source speaking to Kotaku "who is not authorised to talk publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information" with them before.
Assuming the Orbis name is in some way accurate, it's still unclear whether the name is a codename like Durango or whether the console will literally be called the Sony PlayStation Orbis instead of the Sony PS4.
The name does make some kind of sense if you combine it with the word 'Vitae' (or Vita). Orbis Vitae translates from Latin as 'circle of life' and hints at some serious synergy between the PS4 and the PS Vita.
It could be a red herring, of course, but with the Vita already communicating fairly competently with the PS3, it seems highly likely that this will be the case. So what can we expect from the PlayStation 4?

PS4: Graphics and CPU power

The same source who revealed the PlayStation Orbis name to Kotaku also mentioned that the PS4 was penciled in as packing an AMD x64 CPU and 28nm AMD Southern Islands graphics power.

However, in November 2012, strong rumours have suggested that PS4 dev kits have been issued to developers packing an AMD A10 APU (check out our review of this combo chip here), between 8GB and 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a Blu-ray drive.

The graphics part of the A10 APU is already quite dated, which is a big disappointment but not all that surprising.

Those chips aren't even the best that AMD currently has to offer - so by the time the PS4 goes on sale it would be woefully lacking in power compared to the latest AMD tech, let alone the most advanced chips from Nvidia and Intel.

By 2014, Intel will be shipping 14nm - or possibly even tooling up for 11nm - CPUs and with that amount of transistors on a die, we're talking serious performance and efficiency gains.

So it's for this reason that we suspect - or hope - that current PS4 development kits may currently be using these AMD chips, but the final PS4 will most likely pack something a little more special. We would at least expect a Steamroller APU packing a newer graphics core.

Now, because a console is a closed platform, it's possible for developers and engineers to squeeze more performance out of any given chip than would be possible in a PC which has a lot more redundancies to cater for.

So the PS4 will have decent graphics no matter what. But this is still very much last-generation tech we're talking here.

And according to various rumours, Sony is attempting to get 4K gaming out the door with the PS4, along with full HD 1080p 3D gaming for the first time.
We don't think it would even be possible to achieve this kind of output with the A10 APU unless some kind of multi-GPU set-up is being used - so it's highly likely that Sony will pair the eventual APU with a low-end discrete graphics card to help things along.

Read the rest Here 

PlayStation 4 Won’t Be Backward-Compatible, Will Stream Games Through Gaikai, Claims Report Source Eastern Morning Herald 

Nintendo just opened the first real salvo of the next-generation console war with the US release of its Wii U. At the same time some new details have emerged about Sony’s successor to the PlayStation 3, which could very well make its first appearance sometime next year,
German website The G Net has picked up on a report by British magazine PSM3, which supposedly confirms a few things.

 First, the name “PlayStation 4” is definitely out, but the name “Orbis,” which Sony has apparently used as a development code name, may still not be the final branding that the new console will feature. In Japanese, the number “four” is pronounced the same way as “death,” so branding the console as “PlayStation 4” might not be the most auspicious choice.

The report also claims that the new console will feature better graphics capabilities, but won’t run games on 4K resolution. Alongside this, Sony will pack in more restrictive anti-piracy features, possibly blocking the use of pre-owned disc-based games and by tying in each game to a PlayStation Network account.

Read the rest Here


Sony Could Be Making A PlayStation Controller That Can Split In Half

Yesterday, a patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment way back in May of 2011 was finally published, revealing designs for a new PlayStation Move controller that's essentially a Sixaxis crossbred with the OG Move and given the power to split in twain. Combiform team, eat your heart out.

The patent application (dug up by TheSixthAxis) shows that, while the idea for the "Hybrid Separable Motion Controller" is some kind of bold, the execution is mostly what you'd expect. It's just two Move-orbs jammed on top of a slightly more rectangular Sixaxis. Each half of this bad boy is also stuffed with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, vibration capability, and (ooh!) a speaker.

With the Sixaxis already weighing in somewhere between "a feather" and "aerogel," you've gotta wonder how satisfying it would be to wield just a chunk of one, to say nothing of the fact that it would have attachment components and a big glowing sphere sticking out of it. Several drawings even depict twin wrist straps extending from each handle. Riiiight...

Whether this Seth Brundle level creation will ever hit production remains to be seen, but coupled with last month's revelation of a temperature reactive Move, it certainly seems like Sony has designs on shaking up their peripherals. I admire the gesture towards synchronizing traditional controller and motion gaming, but somehow this doesn't look like the future. Missing from the patent: Autobot or Decepticon?


Gaikai ( showcases HAWKEN multiplayer being played simultaneously by gamers on a tablet

(projected on an ultra HD screen) and a television—powered only by Gaikai's cloud gaming platform and an internet cable—at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference on 5/15/2012.

Gaikai is a cloud gaming technology that allows you to play the latest high-end video games instantly in your web browser or on any internet connected device. There is nothing to download or install—simply click to start playing!

HAWKEN is a free-to-play multiplayer mech combat first person shooter by Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment, launching 12/12/2012.


PS4: new kits shipping now, AMD A10 used as base source  Developers are currently taking receipt of a new PlayStation 4 dev kit, VG247 has been told today, with a final version slated to appear in January. Yes, it’ll have Blu-ray. No, it isn’t being made in Japan.

Multiple sources have confirmed to VG247 today that a new version of the Orbis kit is now shipping to developers, and that it’s housed in a normal PC case.
There are to be four versions of the dev kit, we were told. A previous version was essentially just a graphics card. 

The version shipping now is a “modified PC,” and the third version, appearing in January, will be close to final spec. A final version will be delivered to developers “next summer”.
Some US developers attended a “disclosure meeting” at Sony’s offices this week, with a further meeting to take place in the coming weeks. The purpose of the meeting is for Sony to tell studios what the machine is designed to do, to detail hardware and to show a set of presentations.

Our source told us that Sony is only calling the machine Orbis, and is not using the words “PlayStation 4″ in these meetings at all.
Orbis, we were told today, is based on the AMD’s A10 APU series. An APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is a combined CPU and GPU.

Way more here.

PS4 controller to include LCD touch-screen, biometric sensors? January 18, 2013

Source says Sony could replace long-running DualShock controller with an all-new pad for next-generation console.

The PlayStation 4 could introduce a new controller, pushing the longstanding and iconic DualShock input to the background. A "senior games studio" source speaking to CVG claims Sony's research and development department has been busy testing numerous controller designs for the still-unannounced next-generation machine. One such design includes an LCD touch-screen and biometric sensors on its grips.

 Biometrics technology is capable of reading data from a gamer's body, including heart rate and temperature, among other things. Half-Life and Portal studio Valve is also experimenting with the technology.
This information is backed up by other sources who told Eurogamer that Sony has been testing a PS4 controller with a touch-screen and biometrics functionality for as long as six months. The designs reportedly change every month.
The DualShock controller was introduced with the original PlayStation in 1997 and a version of the pad has been used in every PlayStation console since. It is not clear if the DualShock will be replaced entirely by a new controller or if the PS4 will be compatible with older inputs, similar to the way Wii Remotes work with the Wii U.
Sony is reportedly gearing up to announce the PS4 at an Apple-style media conference at the end of March.

 Read it Here 


Could A PS4 Announcement Be Only Weeks Away?

Could a PS4 announcement be only weeks away? According to some that’s very much the case. Let’s get something out of the way first, this isn’t some kind of Masonic Gamer exclusive but I have been browsing the web and some interesting news has been emerging regarding the PS4. It would be silly to turn a blind eye to this kind of news.
The first bit of news comes from the good folks at CVG, I say good folks because as a kid growing up I used to buy the monthly CVG magazine so I have fond memories of all things CVG. According to CVG  two different sources have told them the following information.
A senior games studio source working on an upcoming Sony game says the new system’s controller has undergone numerous iterations, few of which resemble the DualShock build that has become synonymous with PlayStation.
Experiments within Sony’s R&D department are thought to have been extensive. Versions of the new PS4 pad include biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen, the development source claimed.
The new console – codenamed Orbis – will be revealed in a matter of weeks, not months.
Anyone else getting a Vita vibe after reading that?

Personally I can’t stand the dual shock design, sure it was great in the 90′s but these days it’s easily the most “blocky & square” controller out there. The D-pad sucks, the analogs feel loose, the triggers are crap and require attachments but at least it’s light compared to the Xbox 360 controller. I’m all for Sony redesigning the DualShock, bring back the boomerang.
The code name Orbis isn’t new to me, I personally first heard of it back in November last year when I was on Dual Pixels reading up on all sorts of rumours regarding the next generation. Feel free to check them out here if you enjoy reading rumours that may or may not be true.
Sony is near the middle end part of their Project Orbis, their next generation PS4. It will not be called Playstation 4, teams have started to call the final name as Omni. Omni will reflect their new hardware and content delivery philosophy
Eurogamer is up next with claims that a number of trusted sources have given them all sorts of details of what we can expect from both a PS4 and Xbox 720 from a technical point of view. Again be sure to give them a visit too if you enjoy reading about all things tech related.
Both the next generation PlayStation – and its Xbox competitor – feature eight-core CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz according to sources trusted by Digital Foundry. The main processor architecture driving both consoles is said to be derived the new ”Jaguar” technologycurrently in development by Intel’s arch-rival, AMD. These are low-power processor cores designed for the entry-level laptop and tablet market, offering an excellent ratio between power consumption and performance.
That’s the news from everyone else but what about me? Well I’ve heard all sorts of things too such the Xbox 720 pulling a “Sega Saturn” at E3 which I find rather amusing. To those not in the know, “pulling a Sega Saturn” is going to E3 and announcing that the system is basically already out, oh Sega how we miss you. The games industry just isn’t quiet the same without your crazy antics.
Rather than sit here link you to every different story from all sorts of different sources I’ll tell you this much. True or false there’s no denying that talk of Sony & Microsoft’s next systems is heating up quickly as we approach E3. If you’ve been reading my daily posts then you’ll know that every game ever made is launching in March which I find rather interesting, is everyone trying to get their games out before these systems hit? What’s the big fear of launching after March?

Oh yeah, the Game Developer’s Conference. Could the PS4 debut here?
Splinter Cell Blacklist saw a delay from March to August and there has been talk that Ubisoft wouldn’t place such a big budget title to compete against a new hardware launch. Unless of course Blacklist is also set to launch on the new PS4 or Xbox 720 as a launch title, hmm. Is Splinter Cell Blacklist delay shifting away or closer to the PS4 and Xbox 720 launch? Are we looking too much into this?
The only predictions I’m going to give you is that we will hear about the PS4 and Xbox 720 before E3, Sony will once again “steal” from Nintendo with something that resembles the GamePad and Microsoft will offer up a Kinect 2.
To me it’s all about the games, I don’t care what the hardware is like. I’m sure all three systems including Wii U are capable of pretty visuals, just give me kick ass games all year round. With that said going into E3 I’m more excited about Watch Dogs than I am new hardware.


                   Orbis unmasked: what to expect from the next-gen PlayStation

Digital Foundry presents hard data on the technology inside Sony's new console... and its upcoming Xbox rival.  01/18/13

Both the next generation PlayStation - and its Xbox competitor - feature eight-core CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz according to sources trusted by Digital Foundry. The main processor architecture driving both consoles is said to be derived the new "Jaguar" technology currently in development by Intel's arch-rival, AMD. These are low-power processor cores designed for the entry-level laptop and tablet market, offering an excellent ratio between power consumption and performance. The PC Jaguar products are set to ship later this year in a quad-core configuration - next-gen consoles see the core count double with some customisations added to the overall design.
Married to the eight-core processor, Orbis also features Radeon HD graphics hardware. We've previously suggested that AMD's mobile "Pitcairn" design - the Radeon 7970M - could be a strong basis for a next-gen console graphics core in terms of power consumption and die-size. Running at 850MHz and featuring 20 of AMD's "Graphics Core Next" compute units, our information suggests that Orbis shaves off 10 per cent of that number, offering up 18 CUs in total, and sees a mild downclock to 800MHz. Incorporated into a design dedicated to cutting-edge visuals and gameplay, this hardware has some serious potential.
It is perhaps more than coincidence that these specs offer up the 1.84 teraflops metric for the Orbis GPU that was mooted yesterday, assuming that the figure is calculated in the same way that it is for AMD's current "Graphics Core Next" range of products. At this time we cannot confirm the make-up of the Durango graphics hardware - rumours have circulated for quite some time that it is some way behind Orbis, but equally there has been the suggestion that the GPU itself is supplemented by additional task-specific hardware. We could not confirm this, but an ex-Microsoft staffer with a prior relationship with the Xbox team says that two of these modules are graphics-related.


The Radeon 7970M laptop GPU appears to be a pretty close match for the processing tech inside the next-gen PlayStation - there's a small reduction in clock speed and the amount of compute units, but otherwise it's very close. Here's what this tech can achieve in pure PC terms with Crysis 2 performance compared at the very high and extreme graphical presets. Freed from Windows and incorporated into a fixed console design, this GPU will really have room to show us what it's truly capable of.

However, there's a fair amount of "secret sauce" in Orbis and we can disclose details on one of the more interesting additions. Paired up with the eight AMD cores, we find a bespoke GPU-like "Compute" module, designed to ease the burden on certain operations - physics calculations are a good example of traditional CPU work that are often hived off to GPU cores. We're assured that this is bespoke hardware that is not a part of the main graphics pipeline but we remain rather mystified by its standalone inclusion, bearing in mind Compute functions could be run off the main graphics cores and that devs could have the option to utilise that power for additional graphical grunt, if they so chose.
Previous rumours have suggested that Orbis runs its CPU cores along with some graphics hardware inside a standalone, custom AMD Fusion core with a separate, discrete GPU. Our sources suggest otherwise - all of these elements are embedded into the same piece of silicon, and we can confirm that the internal codename for the processor is indeed "Liverpool", as was mooted some time ago. Sony does have some form here for pushing the envelope - PlayStation Vita represents the only mobile GPU processor that combined quad-core ARM Cortex A9s with the PowerVR SGX543 MP4. Even on the power-hungry iPad 3, Apple stuck with dual-core CPU architecture at the same 45nm fabrication node.
The news that so much processing power is packed onto a single processor is highly significant to the point where credibility could be stretched somewhat. However, helping to explain matters is the make-up of AMD's Jaguar tech - each core occupies just 3.1mm2 of die-space at the 28nm fabrication standard. Factor in L2 cache, and the overall CPU component could be as little as 75-80mm2 in total. That's in contrast to the 235mm2 of the launch PS3's Cell processor and the 240mm2 of the Emotion Engine chip inside the original PlayStation 2 - neither of which factored in the separate graphics hardware, which in both cases was even larger. By our reckoning, the more efficient eight-core set-up still leaves plenty of space for integrating the main GPU onto the same die, with space to spare. This offers up significant production cost savings and brings down overall power consumption.

Here's what a mobile Intel quad-core with Radeon 7970M can achieve on Battlefield 3 - superb performance at 1080p on medium settings and still highly impressive on the high preset. This is the kind of ballpark processing performance we expect to see on next-gen consoles, but bear in mind this is couched in PC terms. In a dedicated gaming box, we should expect much better once developers get to grips with the hardware.

Bearing in mind that the 7970M draws just 75W and that Orbis cuts out a couple of compute units in combination with a drop of around six per cent reduction in clock speed, we can easily envisage the unit drawing no more than 150W from the mains overall once we factor in RAM, CPU and storage power draw. This compares favourably to consumption that sailed perilously close to 200W on the original versions of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and should reduce the dangers of another RROD/YLOD debacle.
We also have hard data on Orbis's memory set-up. It features 4GB of GDDR5 - the ultra-fast RAM that typically ships with the latest PC graphics cards - with 512MB reserved for the operating system. This is in stark contrast to the much slower DDR3 that Durango will almost certainly ship with. Microsoft looks set to be using an offshoot of eDRAM technology connected to the graphics core to offset the bandwidth issues the use of DDR3 incurs. Volume of RAM is the key element in Durango's favour - there'll be 8GB in total, with a significant amount (two sources we've spoken to suggest 3GB in total) reserved for the OS.
There'll be a relatively high CPU overhead too, with potentially two cores reserved for the customisable apps Microsoft wants to run in parallel with gameplay. Orbis has no such ambitions and may power past the new Xbox simply because it focuses its resources on out-and-out games power. There's always the possibility that Microsoft has looked at the prior success of Nintendo and its own Kinect and come to the conclusion that chasing after the maximum in raw horsepower isn't the way to win the next console war.

Arch Durango leaker SuperDAE has already revealed next-gen Xbox devkit pictures plus this screenshot of the Visual Studio development environment...

While Durango continues to hoard many of its secrets, we now have a very good idea of the basic architectural outline of the next-gen PlayStation. So the question is, what sort of performance ballpark are we talking about here? In our Radeon 7970M review, we ran Battlefield 3 on medium settings, and Crysis 2 likewise on its very high preset - both at the magical 1080p60. With some frame-rate drops we could ramp that up to high and extreme respectively for a perfectly playable, visually arresting experience. In our tests the Radeon GPU ran in concert with a 2.3GHz Intel quad-core CPU; bearing in mind the firm's domination over AMD in single-thread performance, not to mention the Turbo Boost technology that automatically overclocks the CPU to thermal limits, we reckon this is a fairly good ballpark comparison to an eight-core AMD CPU (primarily aimed at entry level markets, remember) running at a relatively low clock speed.
Of course, these ballpark tests are not the be-all-and-end-all of next-gen power - let's not forget that the new consoles are dedicated games machines gifted with a host of advantages over PC hardware. Factor out the overhead of the Windows OS, introduce ever-evolving development tools written for a fixed platform, and consider the performance advantages of a dedicated design - particularly the fast interconnects between CPU, GPU and RAM. What we have here is hardware that easily punches above its weight compared to performance couched purely in PC terms. It's a state of affairs borne out by both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3: by 2007, PC hardware had already moved significantly beyond the raw horsepower offered by current-gen consoles, yet games like God of War 3, Halo 4 and Uncharted 3 have extracted visual performance that could only have been dreamed of back then. Based on what we know about the next-gen consoles, there's little reason why history can't repeat itself.
That said, the AMD connection that defines both Durango and Orbis confirms that both consoles are much closer in design to gaming PCs than their predecessors, which may result in stronger ports to the computer format, not to mention the upcoming Steam Box - a piece of hardware free to evolve and grow more powerful year upon year in a way that Sony and Microsoft's boxes can't. And surely Valve must be looking at these specs with perhaps a little relief - AMD's CPU architecture is designed with power efficiency in mind, and in pure performance terms, even an eight-core set-up should be comfortably out-performed by a fast, modern desktop Intel quad-core processor. In developing and optimising next-gen titles for the lower power console CPUs, it would be richly ironic if PC owners reaped the benefits...


PS4 Videos

Published on Jul 3, 2012

Published on Aug 22, 2012

Published on Nov 1, 2012

Mixed News on Next gens

What Comes First? PS4 Or Xbox 720? Source PSX extreme
  It's definitely intriguing, but the idea of the new PlayStation and Xbox hitting the shelves at about the same time seems like a pipe dream.
And in fact, we have some evidence that only one next-gen console will launch in 2013. 

GameStop CEO Paul Raines has clearly stated that his company expects to see a new system in 2013 and another in 2014. And most recently, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick dropped a significant hint - depending on how you interpret his comment - that only one new console is set for next year. 

So that begs the obvious question: Which is it? The PS4 (or Orbis) or Xbox 720?

Read the rest  here  


Square Enix Teases Final Fantasy: Agni's Philosophy For Xbox 720, PS4 Source Gaming Blend

At next year's E3 event in June, Square Enix has big plans for the Luminous Engine-powered Final Fantasy: Agni's Philosophy. The company is apparently planning on unveiling the game for Sony and Microsoft's new consoles according to Square's technology director, Julien Merceron.

In an interview with Final Fantasy Dream, which takes place entirely in French – Merceron hints at the Xbox 720 and PS4 for the official unveiling and/or announcement of Final Fantasy: Agni's Philosophy, as translated by Gematsu, with Merceron saying...
“So, around June of next year, there will indeed be something different around Agni’s Philosophy, which will be presented on, perhaps, different platforms than those which have been used before,”...“I can tell you that it will not run only on PC!”

Let's just put two and two together and get it on with four because obviously, the Luminous Engine is just completely and entirely beyond anything the current gen consoles are capable of running. To put it into perspective, just watch the video below. It's all in real-time. It's not CGI.

Read the rest and see the trailer here


Extended console cycles are bad for the industry, Ubisoft argues source MCV

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has claimed that the length of the current console generation has damaged the games industry.
And with Wii U launching this week and at least one of Xbox 720 and PS4 likely to launch next year, he’s calling on platform holders to make sure the next generation is over far more quickly.

"I think that what has happened is the transition has been very long," he told Polygon. "You know, in the industry, we were used to changing machines every five years. This time we are in the seventh year of the 360.

“We need new consoles and at the end of the cycle generally the market goes down because there are less new IPs, new properties, so that damaged the industry a little bit. I hope next time they will come more often."

Read the rest here


Microsoft and Sony Dodge Questions About the Next Xbox and PlayStation in the Most Amusing Ways Source Kotaku

As you read this, people are making video games for the next PlayStation and the next Xbox. They have been for many, many weeks. But last week, at E3, where the biggest video game companies were ostensibly talking about the biggest video games on the horizon, not a single soul would officially discuss the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox 720 (made-up names, mind you; the official code names are Orbis and Durango, respectively).

The Xbox and PlayStation people don't want you thinking too much about next-gen systems yet, because they want you buying their games and current consoles in 2012.

They might want you to think about their next machines closer to the end of this year, when Nintendo's next box, the Wii U comes out. Or maybe they'll wait until early 2013—mid 2013 at the latest—to confirm the open secret that the next Xbox and PlayStation will be out by the end of 2013.
But, who is kidding whom?

Read the rest here.

PS4 and Xbox 720 Unveiled Dev spills the beans  01/18/13
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s impossible to be a gamer and not be constantly assaulted with rumors about the next-gen consoles.
“I think it will cure cancer,” or “I think world peace will occur,” or even, “It will fix the world economy” are all legitimate claims at this point.
However, the motherload has finally arrived.
A developer choosing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons has spilled the beans on Reddit, giving juicy details about what to expect from the next gen systems.
Buckle up, because it’s fascinating.

Orbis and Durango

The user claims to be an anonymous developer that has worked/had time with both consoles, but obviously is under NDA and can’t release anything too detailed.
The high points, however, are below


Way back in the day, ports were difficult since all of the consoles were specifically different and highly specialized. The Xbox was the start of a multiplat revolution since it was similar to a PC.
This gen further proved that, and next gen will cement the fact that ports will be easy.
The next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will supposedly share similar architecture that will make cross-platform development much easier.
The 720 is essentially a Windows PC, and the PS4 is basically a Linux PC. This way, developers could port things easily from the 720, PC, PS4 and SteamBox.

CPU While the user did not divulge much specific information about the CPU of the mysterious consoles, he did state that it will most likely be very green on power.
Having more cores is an advantage since you can shut off the ones you aren’t using, and as the user goes on to explain, you could have a console that’s barely using any power or cores while you’re watching Netflix, leading to a nearly silent console.
The user gets very excited about this, as AMD is a strong proponent of using different cores for different situations, and if both consoles are running AMD processors, the possibilities may be endless.


At this point of the post, the user is very disappointed in the hardware of the systems. The graphical power would be very similar to that of an HD 7850.
For those of you that have no idea what I just said, it should be noted that this would allow Battlefield 3 to run at full 1080p resolution and never dipping below 60 FPS.
As such, this would set a new visual standard for games

Microsoft and Sony’s strategies

Both companies are opting for different hardware strategies.
Supposedly, Microsoft is opting for slower RAM but more of it, while Sony is going for faster RAM but less of it.
This would allow Microsoft to have Kinect 2.0, and the PS4 to truly be a workhorse. It should also be pointed out that Sony is investing a lot in the system’s GPU compared to that of Microsoft.

In descending order, the most powerful system would be the PS4 with the Xbox 720 in the middle and the Wii U at the bottom.
Also, while the final price point itself is unknown, it appears both consoles should launch for about the same price to make them more competitive (and to prevent more $599USD debacles)

Rumor has it that the PS4 will be revealed as soon as the next few weeks, and the next Xbox will be revealed as late as E3.
All that we can do for now is to wait, and enjoy the first entry into next-gen, the Wii U.
What do you think? Will any of this come true? Or is it just fishing for attention?
Personally, I think it’s credible as you’d have to have extensive knowledge and a lot of time in order to come up with such a detailed story.
Time will tell regardless


Mixed Videos on Next Gens

Published on Sep 14, 2012

XBOX 720 & PS4 ORBIS INFO Published Oct 30th 2012

Published on Nov 4, 2012


Next Gen Engines Going to be used on Consoles and PC& Trailers    

Unreal Engine 4 Published Jun 8, 2012 Tech Demo

Square Enix Next-Gen Engine Tech Demo Published on Jun 6, 2012

Watch Dogs Published Jun 4th Rumored next gen game 

Star Wars: 1313 Really published Jun 4th rumored next gen game

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