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The best of a generation - Sunday, February 10, 2013 3:27 PM ( #1 )
As we (seemingly) wind down towards the end of the seventh generation of gaming and onto the eighth I thought it'd be a good time for us all to show our appreciation for the best of what we've seen this generation. I know there are still a few decent-looking titles to be released but hey these can be added later on if needed.

Well, let's get to it shall we? Feel free to add in any related categories you need to which I may have forgotten about.

Best Shooter: Has to be Call of Duty 4 really. That was the first real shooter I played multiplayer of and I got so many years out of it, a shame how the sequels were but hey at least I experienced how great that was.

Best sports game: Probably FIFA 09 for me. The game made such huge jumps from all the previous titles and was so good that EA Sports barely changed the formula after that at all (even 13 isn't that much different). I hate that they still don't wish to change things much but they did make some fantastic changes to the game with that title.

Best RPG: Very hard choice to make between Mass Effect and The Witcher II. Mass Effect for me was just a wonderful game for everything it did even though the combat was so clunky, I've played the game so many, many times and never seem to tire of it. But The Witcher II was just almost the perfect RPG where almost every single decision and action will have a later effect and many of those will make a difference to the ending, making the Mass Effect series look like a joke. I probably would go with Mass Effect but since The Witcher II is a real RPG, The Witcher II it is.

Best JRPG: Probably going to have to be Lost Odyssey. Took me over 60 hours to finish the game I think, and while some areas of the game were a little disappointing (the main narrative was a rather typical JRPG story, and combat did become a little bit repetitive at times since it was a classic turn-based system without any real changes) there was just so much to do in the game and the short-stories and music, and general world and interaction with it was fantastic.

Best Hack n' Slash: Haven't really played any of these this generation to be honest, I'd probably end up going with MG Rising since I found the demo very fun and will play it at some point, but it's not exactly a definitive answer.

Best Platformer: This generation has been quite poor for the last of platformers especially in comparison to last generation. The Ratchet & Clank games were all poor in comparison to those of last generation, but for me anyway there were very few platformers out there this generation of note. Guess I'll just have to say R&C: A Crack in Time. It wasn't terrible and was much better than Tools of Destruction, but was still a bit disappointing.

Best Fighter: Didn't play many fighters this generation, I'll probably go with Tekken 6 I guess.

Best Puzzler: Has to be Portal 2. Had an incredible amount of fun with this game through the single-player and co-op. It made puzzles fun and interesting to do and I enjoyed almost every minute with the game.

Best open-world game: Fallout 3. I never finished the game but it was my first real RPG and I got so sucked into the vastness of the world and all the awesome quests that I ended up playing 20 hours worth of the game and barely advancing the main story. I felt like I was a bit too out of the loop and didn't go back to it but I ought to some day.

Best downloadable title: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. This game was ridiculously fun when the servers were full.

Best narrative: When you simplify it and get right down to it it was arguably nothing more than a revenge story, but Assassin's Creed II just sucked me in so much from the get-go in every respect.

Best combat: Has to be Dark Souls. I've always liked games with swordplay but this just took the precision and intimacy of swordplay in games to a new level, absolutely adored what From Software did with it.

Best gameplay: I'll probably go with the above, Dark Souls.

Best Score (music and audio): Bit of a hard choice but I think Assassin's Creed 2 has to take it. Jesper Kyd did an absolutely fantastic job with the soundtrack to set the mood of the game so well in every location, even the majority of the minor tracks are just beautiful to listen to. He's been by far my most favourite composer of this generation.

Best voice-acting: Bit of a tough one for me. I think there were a few games with some very good voice-acting but also some mediocre voice-acting to go alongside it, but I think I'll go with Red Dead Redemption for this one.

Best world / environments: Assassin's Creed 2 I'll probably say, I loved Renaissance Italy and how different each of the main areas of the game were.

Best multiplayer / co-op / online features: Call of Duty 4 again. Set the precedent for the large focus on FPS games this generation. That's not a very good thing in hindsight of course but just everything the game did in its multiplayer component was amazing.

Best Protagonist: Right now I think I'm going to go with Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. It's probably more to do with the story around him and how it's told. I mean he isn't made out by any means to be a classic hero and someone that can't do any wrong, he struggles with decisions and he (and mainly the game in general) is always questioning what is right and wrong and sometimes the need to do what is wrong in order to get the "right" result, and vice versa.

Best Antagonist: Edgar Ross from Red Dead Redemption. His unveiling as a real antagonists throughout the story just kind of added to everything that you'd hate about him, not to mention when John had to really interact with him and deal with him in the final third or so of the game.

Best supporting character: Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect). Guy is just a boss.
Aaand your own personal favourites:

Most fun game: Little bit hard to decide this one, undecided between titles like Portal 2, Mass Effect, might say LittleBigPlanet though, whether it was by myself or online with friends or even randomers, that game was a lot of fun to play through before it became a bit stale.

Most engrossing game: Assassin's Creed II easily. I played that game around 5 hours at a time I was so engrossed in it and the world.

Best game of this generation: This is between Assassin's Creed II and Mass Effect and is a hard one, but I'll say Assassin's Creed II. The soundtrack, the characters, the world, the story, the setting, everything about the game I loved. I mean it even got me interested in Renaissance Italy and Italian history in general and made going to Italy feel like an even more special trip.
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